Yosemite take I

Yosemite is out of this world, anyone who heard about this place knows that before arriving expectations tend to be huge, and with huge expectations the surprise gets smaller. Well, we had HUGE expectations and yet this place blew our minds out, but that didn’t happen right after sequoia NP. Our RV has a small motor, its old and haven’t been used in a long time, so things break, and when you see your house flooding because a water pipe broke, well, we had to park outside of a home depot and spent 2 days fixing everything that broke in our first 500 miles. Yes, traveling in a RV is beautiful but still some nights are spent on Home Depot and Walmart parking lots fixing things. I guess I will post something specific about this and boon-docking in cities later.
Back to Yosemite! so high expectations didn’t bright any kind of frustration on this NP. We came in through Mariposa grove, and spent a couple of days on the south end of the park. Really quiet, we were almost by our selfs, although most of the people we met told us its was going to be packed since it was summer vacation for everybody. From there we drove to Glacier point and that was our first view of the valley, wow! I can’t get that scene out of my mind or my laptop wallpaper! We got there way before sunset, that spot was packed, really packed and we felt that sensation of being in a city but in the middle of the wilderness.  A view like that one is beautiful any time of the day or night, but with the sunset it was mind blowing! Half dome looked bright orange and every second the scene seem to change with all the different colors the sunset went through. While everyone was enjoying the view and taking pictures and doing time lapses, a ranger showed up with a speaker and told adventures of John Muir, stories of rock climbers and the history of the park. That was when we discovered the ranger programs. They have a lot of information that saves you a lot of hours of research about the parks. Yes, they are cops, but the really cool cops. At the end we approach him to thank him and ask some questions, like how to get to the top of half dome, his answer was clear and straight to the point ‘you have to sign up 6 months in advance or sign into a lottery and try to win your spot from the no shows, OR you could climb it through Snake Dike, a very descent sport route  8 pitch that is not that hard at all, so then you don’t have to ask permission or wait 6 moths’. That is when rangers earned my respect, he was giving me all the details to climb what I first though it was the impossible! Neither cali or me were ready to climb such thing, we haven’t been training in the past months and we didn’t have the full equipment necessary to do it, but anyways it was cool to know it could be done and the source of the information was a ranger (were we come from, this would never happen!) this is an adventure we will definitely do next year, probably in spring.
We spent the night in glacier point, parking on the parking lots and not in campgrounds, honestly, we had the best views and we were always alone in these places. We were never, not even once approached by a ranger to kick us out! (we always had a speech to explain our selfs… really frustrating we never had a chance to use them!). Our RV is self sustained, we have bathroom with a shower and enough electricity to last two days,  and since we were moving around everyday the battery charged it self while driving. National Parks have dumping stations and drinkable water to fill your tanks for free so it was perfect!
After spending some time up there we drove down to the valley… and yes, there is a city down there, and when I mean a city it has everything but a gas station!
When we arrived to the Valley, it was packed! So packed that every parking lot was fully taken and we have to leave our home on wheels far behind. We did the usual when we get to NPs, go to the visitor center, scattered information, go through the souvenir shop and talked to the rangers. After we decided to get away from the crazy crowded  part and went to a day camp to enjoy a picnic by a creek with a mighty view of El Capitan. At night we found a perfect parking lot spot to sleep. Next day, we woke up and by the time we finished having breakfast the parking lot was full! It took us more than 30 min to get out of there because a trailer was stuck in the way! It was a sign, it was time to leave the NP. Off to our next adventure!

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