Big Sur & San Francisco

Now here is when things got a little mixed up in our traveling, but we will try to make it more neat on the blog. We left Yosemite expecting that the June gloom from the cost would no longer be there, but NO! the coast was still foggy and cold (why do you call this summer?! summer stands for warm weather and blue skies)

So we drove from Yosemite to Big Sur with a huge list of suggestions from our friends ‘Our Open Road’ who they took a lot of time to write us an endless mail with all the cool things we could do from LA to Sta Cruz on the coast.
We got there around mid day and drove the whole Big Sur area through HWY1
spent the night on a scenic point. Next day we walked around town, mid day we went to Big Sur River Inn as recommended by our friends, but first we got some yummy burritos in the market right next to it and ate them sitting in those big chairs in the middle of the river, perfect scenario. The second night we drove up on a dirt road to get a higher view point. We parked on a sweet spot until around 9pm when some rangers showed up (and this ones weren’t cool at all) and kicked us out of our beautiful spot. I tried to talk to them telling them that it was a national forest and the we were allowed to camp, their, answer was ‘this is the ONLY national forest were you can’t camp’. Being late and getting kicked out we didn’t had many options on looking for another spot, so we ended driving to Carmel by the sea and parking on the supermarket parking lot. Next day we get a phone call from one of our best friends from Argentina, telling us he was flying from Atlanta to LA to visit us and another friend in Venice, if we could drive down to meet him or what kind of plan we could work out. On the road again, HW5 to LA was the quickest way to see again our friends there. If you picture a map from southern California, we left LA on the 395 toward the north east, and been on the sierras all the time till then and now we were driving south on the 5 through the San Joaquin valley, so we ended up doing this loop of California through the sierras and the center. After that quick visit to LA we went back got back on the road, driving north on the scenic HW1 all the way north to San Francisco.
Giving another opportunity to the HW1 hoping to be sunnier and less foggy. We usually stop driving before sunset so we can find a good spot to park and spend the night. Google maps (in satellite mode) comes in handy, I look for parking lots, parks and if possible with a great view. So the first night, hoping to find a place right on the beach we failed, and when it starts to get dark and we get tired, its time to go to the safe spot, and look for a Walmart. Next day we headed to Santa Cruz, the only thing we knew about it was that it is one of the places where surf was born. So far no fog, and the sun came out, but still not warm enough to enjoy a day at the beach. The next best thing to do, eat pizza, walk around the town and take surf photos. We loved Santa Cruz, little cozy town, but impossible to park! specially RVs. All the signs on the streets said that parking was for locals only. But as usual we found our way, and got to park in a quiet neighborhood, we didn’t bother anyone and nobody bothered us. Next stop was San Francisco, but first we took advantage of the clear skies in Big Sur and took some nice pics! and continued our way up.
We got to San Francisco for the 4th of July weekend. Cali had been there before and she loved it!. But one thing we learned is that weather is a big influencer when it comes to touring a city. This time the weather was foggy, windy, rainy, and cloudy. So you can imagine it was hard to enjoy it, but we did our best. Took a free tour to the golden gate bridge, rented bikes (big fail!), enjoyed the 4th of July fire works by the pier, and we must admit, a lot of hibernation in Ottis, watching Netflix. By the fourth day a friend of us called us to go to Yosemite to a perfect camping spot they had in Tuolumne Meadows. We didn’t doubt it for a second and off we went. Goodbye San Francisco, we will give you another opportunity some other time.

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