Mammoth Lakes, Lassen Volcanic and Redwoods NPS

After saying buh bye to our old friends, and new, we drove for like 25 minutes to finally meet my brother. I guess you don’t know my brother, well, he is one of those older brothers that look after you really into the detail. So after saying hi, he jumped into the RV and started noticing all those imperfections of age, he accommodated us in a room in his house (something that we normally we would pass, since our house is so comfortable!) and started ripping all the rotten walls, wallpaper, carpet, taking out everything to leave it almost naked on the inside. the project was to re build the interior for a more livable space.
So for the next month on and off the project we were mostly working on the RV, taking hikes in mammoth lakes and enjoying family time!
The end result of the project was wonderful, now we have wooden floors, white walls, well, the walls are NEW! we even put texture paint before the last coat.
We did had a dead line, we had to be out of the states for August 31st and too many places to visit still. we were for 2 months in California and we did just half the state, well, yes, working on the RV took longer than we expected, but family quality time is priceless, so we pushed dates as further as we could. 3 weeks before our visa deadline we took off as fast as we could to Lassen volcanic NP, Mt. Shasta and redwood SP&NP.

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