Oregon’s finest

Hello there again! our trip through Oregon was basically a drive with overnight stops in the most scenic places we could find. We weren’t happy about it since it was our first time in those states (Cali and Me have been to California several times before we met) but we didn’t have more of an option, our visa was running short on time, so short that if we had a flat tire, we would end up being in an illegal situation, very uncomfortable for travelers. We were expecting more bells and whistles entering Oregon, the only thing we found was one low key sign, good enough for us! pee pee stop for the 3 of us, a quick snap and on the road again. Our first stop would be Oregon’s Caves, a National Monument that had been a National Park in the years before, in fact, that was our first NM, and as normal for us, we didn’t know what to expect from it… We drove up the mountain to find out we got there 10minutes late for the last tour of the day. We did our usual thing, parked on the parking lot and spent the night there to catch the first tour of the day. It was our first time in a real cave and having an obligated tour to visit the place. At first I thought it was a little to much, but it was perfect! I can’t really remember all the facts and info of the place but I can assure you that its a must if your passing by the place. Little tunnels nature carved into the marble of the mountain by the acidic compound of the trees above the soil through thousands or millions of years that go through huge (by huge I mean like white wale huge). Caves al connected by tiny other tunnels and like that for miles and miles.
From there we drove to Crater Lake NP, a lake on the top of volcano thats more than 1,900 feet deep making it the deepest lake in states and has the cleanest air in the Nation. Again, we were in a rush, so we did the rim drive around the lake stoping on the way and back on the road next day. While driving through Bend we realized thats the home town of Deschutes Brewery (already one of our favorite beers!), and some friend told us about a tour of the facilities, it was a must. Even  being 11am we stoped there, went to the brewery and thanks to two people who didn’t show up for their reservation, we got to do the free tour with a degustation flight for free (not so free when you get drunk you end up spending more than 100 bux on merch and beer thou). I felt in love with that place and the people, Oregon has very nice people, the nicest we met so far. Even I’m thinking about setitng up a brewery once we settle somewhere in the world, thank you Deschutes! Now a little bit tipsy, we decided to stop, have some lunch and let the alcohol go down and then with a large stock of beers we headed to Multnomah Falls, right on the border with Washington on de Columbia river gorge. Beautiful spot, not to spend much time but to see the bridge and keep on driving. Since we got there late at night, we parked, check out the spot in the night, some night photos and to bed for a early rise next day! It was packed! the whole place was full of people, buses came and go dropping and picking up by the hundreds! We haven’t been in a place this crowded since our first visit to Yosemite in the valley! Good thing is if you wait between one bus and other, you have like a 5 minute gap where theres not so many people left and you can actually enjoy the place with no noises around. It’s not a place were to spend more than an hr or so, so we made some more coffee, warm water for the mate and on the road again to Washington! Mt rainier here we go!

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