Drive through Washington

Getting to Mt. Rainier was easy and fast, we got there sometime after midday/afternoon and drove to Paradise, found a parking lot for overnight trekkers and parked there to take our first shower in like 12 days inside our own RV! Yes, we had a shower all this time and we never used it! turn the water heater on, poped a beer, small talk with the neighbors, and jump into the shower, wow! that thing was boiling hot! it took me more than a minute to find the correct temperature (1 minute on RV shower just to find temperature is a lot of water, when you live in a RV you live in a constant drought) I had the time of my life, we hadn’t had a shower for that long and it was amazing! Well, the thing with spending the night in parking lots and not campsites is that normally, campsites are in forests and woods, but parking lots have a clear view, so we had this spectacular view of the Mt. Rainier right in front of us! Next day we walked some trails in paradise and a ranger lead program hike were the ranger gives interest history facts about the place. After that, we took this scenic drive to Sunrise all around the Mt., the views were just breath taking! Once we got there, we were on the opposite side than the night before and in higher altitude. We run across some Elk deers (first time for us!) and we got the chance to see some gnarly trekkers with flashlights getting to the summit of the mountain.
Once we left the NP, cali got a message from Sofi, an old co worker in Buenos Aires telling her she was in Seattle, well, we were 3hrs away from Seattle, so we took of to Carnation, a small town outside of the state capital to meet with her, our plan, have diner together and then go to Seattle for a quick visit and to North Cascades for our last three days in the States. Well, there is a quote we love ‘I love making plans, but what I love more about making plans, is changing them!’ Yep, we stayed in Carnation for 3 days, so North Cascades was a no no for us now. We parked on her sisters family back yard, there, we met her parents who were there for a visit, her brother in law who was playing in Carnation’s ‘Rock the Nation Festival’ in a couple of days and all his friends, we had a great time, with wonderful people, had some barbecues, lots of beer and hang out by the river all day.
When we realized we had less than 4 days of visa, we had to kiss our new loved ones good bye and off to Seattle. The womb of grunge and mother of Hendrix, it was a must for us! the highlights there were the museum right next to the space needle, its epic! who ever curated that place, understood millennial and 80’s kids, lots of sci-fi, games and rock. I will go back to that place for sure! and the park with the overview of the city with Mt. Rainier on the back, again, it was a quick visit, did the most we could, but Canada was calling! Seattle, you are our favorite city in the states, you kicked LA, San Francisco, San Diego’s ass big time! Sorry Portland, didn’t had time to visit you this time!


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