Plans change, all the time, Cali goes with this quote ‘Edit as you go’. Our life has been editing as we go sometimes more often than expected. So we are not going to talk about our plans, but what actually happened!
Crossing borders are exiting, new stamps on the passport, new rules, again to metric system (after some months in the US we got used to the imperial), and the always challenge of the border patrols. We got to Vancouver late at night and it took us some time to find our boon docking spot for the night, so you can Imagine, we were tired and hungry, we took care of it and let the next day be our judge. We spent our first day in this beautiful park in the outsides of Vancouver, resting, chilling, cooking, leisure day!
Cali’s good friend from Argentina contacted us to some friends of her living in Vancouver, Sole and Meysam, the thing when you are traveling and you get in contact with friends of friends is weird, because you don’t know if you are going to like them or what! and normally both sides have an expectation because this mutual friend talk great thing about each other, so of we meet this argentine/irani couple. Well, they were great!!In fact, follow their adventures on youtube VBLOG and Instagram @madamendments
We went out for some beers, they had us over for dinner, amazing sushi and unique rose water ice-cream cali still dreams about, had very good coffee in the most hipster place of Vancouver and visited Granville Island.
We also spent some time with friends from our past we hadn’t seen in a very long time!
As not planned, Vancouver surprised us with old and new friends!
One morning a light rain woke us up, but we’ve never had a rainy day in our hole trip, and this is when you discover things that aren’t exactly right, we had leaks, yes, water coming in our house, we’v been living in here for 4 months already and this was new to us! So we waited for it to stop and started fixing were we thought the water was coming in, during this process, a guy shows up and starts talking to us, he was Mark, when you are working on your car-house, is normal to look like $h1T, dirty, sweaty, etc. After some minutes chatting he invited us over for some beers and a shower in his house, he was having some friends over and the merrier the better! We weren’t expecting everybody showing up in vans or even boats to the reunion, it was a supper cool night, were we met old school travelers who after traveling the world, settled back again.
We ended parking on his backyard and staying at his place for a couple of days, until the inevitable was starting to happen, rain and cold. Autumn was coming, and like the seasons, we had to go, hopefully to come back next year.

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