Back in California!

Escaping the rain and cold of the northern autumn we drove back until we would find warmth and sun, since we were in Washington and Oregon not that long ago, we kept on driving to California, we love the woods, so going back to the Redwoods sounded like a great idea, on our way there it was my birthday, my 30th birthday, and who knows me, also knows I’m not really into birthday celebrations (at least when I’m not home with all my friends… right?), So we went to this amazing campground, meet some cool people who we drank some beers, had a nice diner and went thru the day not letting anyone know about it (it was perfect!!!). Next day we drove to Richardson grove, a state park with a really nice campground right of the Hwy 101 in Humboldt Co. We felt in love with the place and stayed there for some days.
Some Chileans showed up in our life on this point of the trip, the argentine chilean relations are very fragile, but these guys were the coolest! Tom, this lawyer who was on his way to NZ, who became Bali’s new Godfather, and Rod, a high mountain tour guide on his way to the Himalayas after new years. Guess who else showed up, Sofi! our friend from Carnation. The dynamic of our new group was perfect, like with nobody we met before, we traveled the area together in Ottis for some time, and this was probably the hardest buh-bye we had since we started traveling. We met many other characters in this part of the trip whom we shared some nights, laughed, beers, talks by the fire and crazy nights dancing in bizarre little towns.

One afternoon we left Benbow, we were about to complete our first milestone driving the hole extension of HW1, northern California is the most beautiful part we’v been so far, we’v been recommended the coastline of SO Ca, but the coastline of NOR Ca is just stunting! While driving we felt everywhere in the world, Chilean Patagonia, Scotland and Ireland, Uruguayan cost, every 20 miles we would start feeling we were any other place in the world but there, it was truly magical, we were stoked, and its a scenario that a tourist don’t  usually picture California being like that.
On some point the road gets really windy and slippery, to be safe I was driving 20mph max (well, we are on an old car + house that crazy heavy) and on a turn we just started skidding straight to the abysm, I can hold my temper really well, but that moment I just freaked out and started shaking, I thought we were going to die, or at least fly of the cornice! Fortunately the truck decided to turn right on time and kept us on track. The 100 miles left to our destination I was shaking, the whole time.
This time, San Francisco was great to us! It was sunny and not windy or rainy, so we got a chance to walk around in a tight schedule but we ended up postponing our plans to stay here for a couple of nights, I went from hate to love on the spot, now I understand why people live there!
On our last visit to Yosemite, we met this guys from San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, since we were going to be driving by, we gave them a call and check how they were, we got a hold from KC and planed on staying with him the weekend, so since we drove southern cost of California like 3 times, we got on the HW5 and drove straight to Sta Barbara to go and meet with him.

KC is one of this guys who is out of this world, there are no words to describe his generosity and warmth, he toured us Santa Barbara’s finest restaurants and breweries, hooked us up with a car workshop so we could do our breaks and electrics, fixed our computers, gave us a rock climbing clinic, he just took care of us in every single aspect while we were there.

While staying in Sta Barbara our good friends ‘Our open road’ flew back from Peru to LA for the holidays, they were going to be only for one night in LA and then off to Sacramento, so we didn’t had much time to see them. We drove to LA for a diner they were hosting with friends and family prior Thanksgiving, got to hang out with them and drink uncountable margaritas, fortunately, they lived 2 streets from the restaurant and we could park on their driveway. Emily, mother of 2 young girls, woke up super early came over the RV to wake us up for breakfast before 7…We hang out with them the whole morning planing on a longer visit in Baja after new years and drove back to Santa Barbara for thanksgiving with KC. Where we come from we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we always saw it on movies and tv series, so we were excited to experience it for ourselves. We spent a typical American Thanksgiving with a typical Americans who adopted us as family for the weekend. It was perfect! Ate until we were about to explode, since we wanted to try every single thing there was, had lots of beer and wine and played corn on a hole. Next morning the celebrations continued by drinking bloody marrys, eating left overs and chill on the coach and watch movies. A lovely memorable, stuffed and hangover weekend!

After THNXG with uncle KC, we drove south as fast as we could, we were in a tight schedule again, although we wanted to visit some other spots between LA an San Diego, we drove straight. San Diego was kind of an obligated stop, we had a friend there working on a electric car conversion workshop so it was a must to visit the facilities, dude, that was amazing! they mostly work on old cars, Vw beatles and busses, karman ghia, porsche, and even ferraris ! and believe me, they have performance, way better than before!

Time to put another stamp on our passports! Goodbye USA until further notice, hello Mexico!

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