Baja Mexifornia

We had 1 day left in the States (again) so we crossed to wonderful and warm Mexico! through Tijuana, We weren’t really into that town so we got straight into the highway and drove south, without much of a plan and what to expect but warm weather and cheap margaritas. After some rock climbing research I knew that La Mision was our place, like 40 miles from Tijuana and everything we need.

Our first night was crazy, we parked at La Mision beach hoping to be there quiet and spend the night, until some cops showed up and scared the sh%& out of us, so we drove to Ensenada and boon dock on a Walmart there to figure out our first steps here. Since we wanted to climb, and cops said that la Mision was dangerous, we ended up parking on the back parking lot of the police station for 5 nights while we slept in the night and climbed during the day.
For those who are used to get guides for the rock, Mexico has only one and impossible to get, so climbing southern of the border it’s basically on beta data, Fortunately we got to meet some cool climbers who showed us around and after 2 days, gave us a copy of the routes!
La Mision as a town has nothing to offer, so after climbing got a little old and wanted something new, we drove across the peninsula to San Felipe, expecting warmer weather and a more touristic place.

San Felipe was great for us, although it is very touristy, it’s low season, so no one is here! We ended up in a camp ground paying a monthly fee for hot showers, fast internet and a nice beach in front of us. Our plan, write this, 7 months of trips in our blog. and wait for our open road friends who we are meeting back in la Mision for a surfing and climbing week in late January, so it was perfect for us!
Now here we are, is the last day of the year and I’m working on our project proposal and blog.
Hopefully the next entry will be from somewhere else!



2 thoughts on “Baja Mexifornia

  1. Your dog is adorable!! We haven’t visited San Felipe, but I highly recommend stopping at Bahía Concepción if you head south. It’s right off Highway 1 and there are a number of BEAUTIFUL beaches where you can camp right on the water. Cheers!

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  2. Brittany! We are taking off to San Lucas con Monday, so we are definitely going by Bahia Concepcion, thnx for the recommendation! Cheers!!


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