When WAN & Our Open Road meet

After taking off from San Felipe, we drove back to the pacific to meet with our good friends @ouropenroad  whom we meet a year and a half ago down in Patagonia, those relationships that just grow on the spot and we became great friends since. A week about surf and rock climbing that went wrong thanks to a horrible wind and rain storm that made it practically imposible to camp. So after giving it a good try for 2 nights we ended up in a house our friends rented for all of us and other friends who came along for the weekend.

Camping was good while it lasted, hanging around a fire with beers, chilling and experiencing this crazy thing of hot springs on the beach on low tides (I think they are called ‘hot sands’) where you have to walk down the beach looking for steaming sand and then digging your own pool of hot water (CAUTION! you can burn your bumbum’s).
But after being soaking wet and no good weather ahead, we took of to this beautiful beach front house to meet up with  Sal, Joan, Zephyr and Gonzo ‘the ballerina’ to house sit through the storm in a rampage of tequila drowning.
On Saturday the wind calmed down enough to go and hit the surf for a couple of hours and then back to the good old tequila to train our selfs for Joan’s birthday on Sunday were we went to this beautiful hotel brunch and all you can drink margaritas.
The week went by as fast as it could feel but we got to enjoy every second of it, meet old and new friends and then everybody back to their own routines.

We were suppose to finally hit the road south on baja, but our truck broke and right now, we are stranded in a parking lot in Ensenada waiting for the parts (hopefully tomorrow are here and we can hit the road on the afternoon).
Hope your all having a great week!

2 thoughts on “When WAN & Our Open Road meet

  1. El viaje no tiene principio ni fin, es un momento de la vida, que no se compara con nada parecido de las instancias de la vida. El viaje no se olvida ni se recuerda. Estará allí como una presencia invisible. Como si fuera un costado del inconsciente. Ese especie de dios que nos acompaña que nos sigue a todas partes pero que no vemos. Ese inconsciente que nos seguirá toda la vida. Y cuando vean un cactus en una maceta de un balcón, el viaje , saltara de la zona invisible y un pantallazo los hará ver esos cactus gigantes de un atardecer en el desierto muchos años atrás. Y cada cosa tendrá un significado distinto, el que les habrá dejado el viaje.
    No dejen de escribir junto a las fotos. Con la escritura, el viaje , se hace un poco nuestro. Y el significado de vuestros instantes nos sienta por un rato junto al fuego del desierto, y junto a ustedes, por un instante.
    El viaje entonces , es de todos nosotros. Gracias.


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