From the Beach to the Desert – B.C.Norte

After saying goodbye to our friends, they went back to the States and we were stuck in Ensenada, waiting for some body parts for Ottis. Luckily nothing major, just replacing some old for new. Since we couldn’t move around, our couple of days were spent in the mechanic’s parking lot. Those days where there isn’t much to do, its time well spent for editing, writing and catching up with family and friends. When Ottis was good to go, it was time to hit the road! From now on, explore Baja until we hit Cabo.

For those who don’t know, Baja California only has one main highway from north to south zig-zaging from the Pacific Side to the Mar de Cortes. Our first stop was right by the Beach, El Socorro, on the Pacific side. As usual right before the sun went down we looked for a place to spend the night. Being so close to the ocean, we where looking for the ‘room with a view’. We liked that spot so much that we ended up staying for four nights!. Bali was free, running around, chasing her ball and eating seaweed from the rocks and sunbathing, one of her favorite activities. We all enjoyed and relaxed our days by the beach. For us, sunbathing, taking pics and filming, drink mate watching the sun go down while throwing Bali her ball and movies at night.

Our next stop was Cataviña, the desert in the middle of the peninsula , but first, fill up gas tank and the extra jerry can! Make sure to always have the gas tank filled up in Baja. As we started driving in to the desert, we both realized we had never been on a dessert before. Cataviña, a small town with nothing much but a Beautiful Hotel , a small cafe perfect to grab a bite on the go, and free camping by the Dome (hard to miss, its a Dome in the middle of nowhere) and cave paintings.  We drove to the Dome and found a good camping spot, surrounded by so many different types of Cactus, some were 20 meters high! Connan scattered some wood to make a fire, and I was shooting my camera, non stoping! The view, the sunset, the fire, the moon! Nothing could look bad with that flora. We had some beers and enjoyed the rest of the night. The only one who didn’t like it so much was Bali. She kept on stepping on big cactus spikes so we had to have her on a leash and watch every step that she took (it comes in handy to carry tweezers in your pocket). Next day we took a walk around the area hoping to find the cave paintings people have mentioned to us, but we failed (as we walked the oposite side, ups!), never the less we enjoyed walking around and capturing pictures and more pictures! We felt like we where in a whole other planet, the soundless noise of the desert, the twisted plants and no one around, just us.

Time to hit the road…Looking forward to our next destination Guerrero Negro for some Whale watching!

Goodbye Baja Norte, Hello Baja Sur !

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