Baja California Sur

After saying goodbye to the Whales we continued our way south through Ruta 1. We where on a rush to go down because I (Cali) had to fly to Guadalajara and re-new my passport. Long story short, plans changed when we found out that I would only get a provisional one, not valid for the United States, we ended up rushing for no reason. A lot more visa, passport  re-planning  stories  happened in these past few weeks, but I will not bore you with that. While we organize our next weeks getting everything ready to head back to the States, I will tell you what we’ve been up to.

We went to Mulegé, a very recommend little town in the Mar de Cortes side. Looking for a place to boon dock for a night, we ended up staying three nights in a beautiful and cheap campground. Every site was surrounded by plants and trees, perfect for some privacy. Fresh papayas and oranges to pick right from the trees. A great friendship began there with Evita and Nikko , a couple from Oregon traveling in a Vanagon. Our first friends in Baja that weren’t 70 years old :). A young couple like us with the thirst for travel. We said goodbye knowing that we would meet again further south.

On the way south we missed Bahia de Concepción, but with just a glimpse up from the road we knew we would stop there on our way back. It’s a must! Next stop, Todos Santos. Another beautiful little town, back on the pacific side. Beautiful old buildings and cobblestone streets, but we could tell it was an expensive town as soon as we saw all the art galleries and jewelry shops. The town itself is not so boon docking friendly, but just 5 miles away there is the perfect surf beach where every van, motorhome, trailer and tent boon docks. All type of vehicles can get to the beach, through a washboard road. A beach where you will find people spending a few days, surfers that go for the season, and a few scattered around that you could tell they where in a more permanent situation. A friendly, clean and safe environment to enjoy.

We had run out of Bali’s food so we had to head to Cabo San Jose. Another long story short. Fedex in Mexico is NO GOOD! We had sent Bali’s food to a Fedex office to pick it up, and after three  weeks of ordering her food the Fedex people decided to go to work and we where finally able to get her food! So, because of them we ended up going to Cabo many times! We would spend our nights in El Tule, one of the few public beaches left between all the humongous resorts, during the week it was very quiet and during the weekends a lot of people showed up with their big 4×4 trucks, part of the entertainment was to watch them get stuck. On our first night there we made some new friends! Tim and Mary Lynn, a couple from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Connan is the ice breaker of the team, when we usually get to a new spot he approaches the new neighbors and the conversation begin, me, and my shyness appear a few minutes later. We connected right away with Tim and Mary Lynn, a few minutes of conversation turned to hours of bonding always with a beer in our hands! Hours turned to days, and just like Evita & Nikko, we knew we would see them again around the area.

Since we had to make time until further news from Fedex, we went to Sol de Mayo an Oasis campground to meet up with Nikko & Evita. Right off Highway 1, a small town called Santiago. To get to Sol de Mayo you have to follow the signs through a dirt/washboard road for 7 miles. Sounds close, but when you are moving in a rolling home which is not intended for off road, you have to go 5 miles/hr if not it seems like the house is going to fall apart!
It was worth it! when we got to the campground we noticed how much we had missed the mountains. Such a beautiful quiet campground, surrounded by cactus and other dry trees. We spent two nights there with our friends. Sharing some margaritas by the fire and we would all pitch in whatever ingredients we had and make amazing home cooked meals. Day time is perfect for a hike around the area and then take a dip in the fresh water pools (it is still a mystery to us how water got there).

Next stop Los Barriles, well known beach for kite surfers on the Mar de Cortes. Funny thing about Los Barriles , it can be described in a few words, small town, populated by retired people who move around in ATV and kite surfers (also retired folks).  We got to a perfect area to spend the night, right on the beach. Through the distance we recognized Tim and Mary Lynn’s van. Perfect timing! Without even planning we always bump into them for the weekend so its perfect since they have a Monday through Friday jobs (lucky them, as long as they have reception they can work from wherever they want). Ready to open some beers and catch up on what we’ve been up to, but apparently a storm was coming by the next morning and we where parked in the worst possible place. We decided to relax and enjoy the time together and leave early in the morning. We enjoyed a night out eating amazing sushi and of course, margaritas too. By the next morning we said goodbye as they were heading somewhere else, and we decided to move to a campground in town. To pass ‘the storm’ and time for some hot showers and laundry.  Storm never came but it was worth the stay. It was a Resort for RV’s, all big rigs and us, Ottis looked like a tiny ant compared to the other motorhomes, our site was so big that we called Evita & Nikko to join us. The campground had a pool and a jacuzzi! we felt like in a five star hotel, so it was hard for them to say no. Next day they had to go, but we decided to stay and take advantage of the campground for the next few days.

Finally after many weeks of battling with Fedex we returned to Cabo to get Bali’s food.
Now, heading to La Paz to meet with Mary Lynn & Tim  for the Carnaval and swim with whale sharks!

This post is dedicated to our new friends! Evita & Nikko and Tim & Mary Lynn! Thank you for helping us get back our youth during our stay in Baja! Cheers for more encounters and anecdotes to share, hopefully in U.S ground.
-The best part about traveling is all the new friends you make that become your family on the road.-




2 thoughts on “Baja California Sur

  1. Cali. Me gustan mucho tus relatos. Quizás deberías guardarlos y quien sabe si luego publicas un best-seller. Cariños de la prima Rita Maria Juncal. Bon voyage!!!


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