Carnaval & a new WAN Member!

We drove to La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, probably the best place were to go for the Carnival down here! Tim and Mary-Lynn were there as well, and since all the campsites in town were taken, they invited us to share their site.

For those who don’t know what carnies are about…. they want to scam you and take your money! and we refuse to talk about this cause we fell into one of their traps, so after that Connan went full cowboy and shot away his frustration with a BB Gun, where he discovered that he is a great shooter going 15 over 15 most of the times! wining an angry chilly pepper, a rasta banana and later on a youtube pillow that would end up being Alaska’s bed.

Saturday, February 25th seemed like another typical night of Carnaval. We went with our friends to grab a bite and take a break from the carnaval caos. A great seafood restaurant in the malecon. On our way out, in between all the crowd coming and going in every direction and the loud music, Connan found a puppy walking disoriented, scared and trembling. He picked the puppy right away and we started asking people around, another guy had grab another puppy. They where abandoned in a bucket in between the crowd. Terrible, who would do such an awful thing…The other guy kept the other puppy and we decided to keep the puppy and see if we could find her a home. After a few minutes in our arms, the puppy seemed to calm a bit. We called it a night and went back to the RV. Intrigued by what was going to be Bali’s reaction.
Bali didn’t seem to care so much about the new puppy, she smelled her, and turned the oposite direction. Alaska’s curiosity on Bali, only being able to reach her paws and tail kept Bali in a distance since she is not a fan of others touching her paws. Little by little each day we would see a progress between the two. Alaska would get closer and Bali would stay near by. It was comforting knowing that Bali was not mad or jealous towards us, we made sure both pupps got the equal attention and letting Bali know that she will always be the Queen of the house. For people who don’t live a ‘vanlife’, our home may seem small, but for some may seem big! For us, it is big, and in some cases it comes in handy. Like in the case when you happened to have a new puppy and you are able to divide the home in two for It to have its own space to poo everywhere and not destroy the rest of the van.
Luckily this one was a fast learner and by the second day she would cry to let us know she needed to pee or poo and another positive thing about living in a motorhome is that you just open the door and let the pup do its business on the open lands. We took her to the vet and gave her all the necessary vaccines. Meanwhile we published in every single facebook page of the area about the puppy needing a home, and gave our contact info around the neighborhood.

After the carnaval, a must in La Paz is to swim with Whale Sharks. I didn’t know much about them, in fact I thought they were whales that looked like sharks, that’s how little I knew about them.
With our wet suits on, snorkel gear, and go pro ready to film. It was a 20 min boat ride to the open water, and once the crew spotted the whale sharks they got close enough for you to jump into the water and swim right next to them! The only rules were: no touching, and at least a meter away from head and tail. The adrenaline rush was so high that I had forgotten how to snorkel and once I was in the water I got nervous and short of breath, after all you are swimming with sharks. But they are not a threat to humans since the only food on their menu is plankton (hence the name whale). One of the crew members jumped in the water with us and he would even hold your hand and take you right next to the shark if you needed. With the goggles it seemed like you were much closer to them, but the guy would hold your hand and take you even closer to them! It was crazy! My heart was beating very fast and with my short breath there was only one thing to do, relax and enjoy. Seeing how they swim in a slow and calm pace, I focused on the soothing movement of their tails and thought to my self, they are ok with us, they are relaxed and so should we. We swam for a couple of minutes and then took turns with other groups. I was able to go in three times, every time I got a little big closer and was able to keep the same rhythm as them. An unforgettable experience and another animal to add to the list of ‘Animals seen in their wild habitat’. After the tour we enjoyed some micheladas with our friends, each one shared their own experience with the whale sharks.

After a week in La paz, our friends were heading north to Loreto, and since we had some time to kill until I flew to Argentina (for passport & visa paperwork) we decided to join them. Loreto is a strange little town, it seems like its designed for tourist, but it is empty! Only a few cruise ships that go once in a while. There is a perfect spot to boondook by the beach, right next to the airport. Airplanes fly only three times a week, so it doesn’t bother. Empty beach for the pupps to round around.  It was a relaxed week, working with the computers during the day, chilling afternoons drinking beers with new buddies, and eating tacos at night and watched the ocasional college basketball games, thanks to Tim & Mary Lynn, we are now University of North Carolina fans! Saying goodbye to them wasn’t easy, but we know we will see them soon enough!

After Loreto, we headed back south to Cabo San Lucas so I could get everything ready to fly to Argentina.







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