While most of the people out there know certain things about their daily lifestyle, wake up time, their route to work, and a routine that usually covers Monday through Friday through out the year, for us it’s almost imposible to make an itinerary for a week and not change it every couple of days, or even hours.

So, Yes, we say F**K the itinerary. No matter how well we plan, in advance or in the moment, and that we have plan A, a1, a2, B, C, D… it is as if there are black wholes in the middle that will appear and transport you into an another plan.

I believe life gives us all kind of unexpected surprises, some good , some bad, but when you are not living on a routine, living in the complete opposite (UNCERTAINTY) , the number of surprises are even higher.

“Anything worth doing holds some level of uncertainty” – Chris Burkard

Connan likes to use the example of a Swiss watch: When you have a good and solid routine, it works like a Swiss watch, everything falls into its place smooth and you can visualize your self in the long run. But us, we are more like the antithesis of a Swiss watch, let say, NO WATCH AT ALL!

Lets go back in time, a few years ago when we decided to become a part of the van life movement.

(1) We bought an 87 VW bus with the idea to travel from Argentina to Canada, after blowing the motor twice we re planned.

(2)  Fly to United States, buy a motorhome, a good one and travel all the national parks. Totally doable, nothing out of this world. Something we didn’t have in mind, crossing borders in and out of the states is more stressful that what you can imagine, specially with todays political situation in USA. Visas don’t have in mind that you want to do an epic year travel around a country. For them, 3 months is more than enough for you to stay in their country. Some more re planning to do. Put on hold the National Parks plan, until further notice. And on the mean time lets move our nomadic life to another country.

(3) Putting things into consideration, our next plan is to go to New Zealand for a year, with a Visa that lets us stay enough time and not crossing borders stressing out.

In this nomadic life, if you don’t learn to adapt to change, life will punch you on the face until you do.  So how do we do it? We breathe, laugh a little bit, re plan, and on the mean time drink a beer, that always seems to be helpful. There are some rough days on the road, just like in everyone’s life. The ups and downs exists for everyone. As cliche it may sound, It’s about never giving up on what you love and makes you happy. Having a partner that is on the same page as you, is the most importante part. We are there for each other the whole time, when one is feeling blue the other one is right there to cheer up.

Life throws constant messages for us to live and enjoy the present moment, so lets pay more attention to it.

Ps: For everyone out there, reading this post. Always, always, remember to hug your loved ones. Specially when you live 24/7 with them, make sure to always have a morning hug like we do.
Light n Love !

ohh, sorry there are no photos here! =/ next post we will bomb you with beautiful landscapes.

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